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The costs of competency-based education

by Jarrett Carter, Education Dive A recent analysis of competency-based education reveals four new models of development and approach, which are finding more support from colleges and universities nationwide. According to the analysis, institutions implementing CBE programs can expect an initial investment of just over $382,000 to develop one two-year degree program, and between $4.2 and [...]

Innovative Cooperation, at Scale: An Interview with Michael M. Crow

by John O’Brien, EDUCAUSE Review The Arizona State University president talks about student success, technology changes in recent years, institutional transformation at scale, cooperation within higher education, personalized learning, and analytics. Under his direction, the university pursues teaching, research, and creative excellence focused on the major challenges of our time, as well as those central [...]

Online digital access codes are ‘the new, dangerous face of the textbook monopoly,’ study says

By Ally Johnson, Daily Pennsylvanian Single-use online access codes for textbooks are making it difficult for students to save money on necessary materials for classes. In Sept. 2016, the Student Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) — independent statewide student organizations that work on issues like environmental protection, consumer protection and homelessness — published a report called [...]

New report ranks the 50 top-paying college majors

by Jarrett Carter, Education Dive reveals a list of the top 50 highest-earning majors, with STEM majors comprising each of the top ten degree programs. Science, engineering and technical programs encompass nearly the entire top 20, with liberal arts programs in fashion design and business ranking as 19th and 20th, respectively. The top programs were [...]

Is CBE the future of higher education? Study says too early to tell

by Jarrett Carter, Education Dive A new study from the American Institutes for Research outlines the profile of students in competency-based education programs and how they are engaged to participate in the curriculum. But researchers say it is too early to determine the efficacy of such programs on postgraduate success. The study reveals that 68% of [...]

Florida University system looks to boost online classes

By Lloyd Dunkelberger, The News Service of Florida The Florida university system has set an ambitious goal of having 40 percent of the undergraduate student credit hours in online classes by 2025. That would more than double the usage of online classes from the 2013-14 academic year, under a goal set by the system’s Board of [...]

Are students buying what education innovation is selling?

BY JULIA FREELAND FISHER, eCampus News Clay Christensen’s newest book, Competing Against Luck, chronicle the coming of age of another theory that may prove just as, if not more, powerful than disruptive innovation: the theory of jobs to be done. Jobs to be done hinges on the fact that consumers “hire” products and services to do [...]

Survey: Growing Interest in Cyber Security Careers Among Millennials

By Leila Meyer, Campus Technology An increasing number of millennials are considering careers in cyber security, primarily because of increased awareness of cyber security issues, according to a new report from Raytheon and the National Cyber Security Alliance. But even this increased level of interest is not enough to close the cyber security gap, and the [...]

U Pennsylvania’s Low-Cost Online Anatomy Courses Use VR

By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology Spurred by the success of an earlier anatomy class offered as a massive open online course (MOOC), the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is expanding its course offerings through its own institutional website and enhancing the course content with the help of a textbook publisher and 3D simulation company. The [...]

Princeton Review Founder Raises $4 Million for High Quality Online Education

by Chris Brandt, University Herald John Katzman, founder of the Princeton Review, has raised $4 million through his new education venture, Noodle Partners Inc. The said money will be used to help colleges bring high-quality degree programs online. Katzman believes that online education can have the same quality as those that are taught in traditional classrooms. [...]