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Time For A New Relationship Between Learning And Work?

Sally Percym, Forbes How often do we hear that people are an organization’s greatest asset? Often the onus seems to be on individuals to develop themselves, however, which explains the recent explosion in business self-help books. Employers, which ultimately benefit from having skilled employees, often fail to invest adequately in learning and development – even […]

The growing importance of soft skills and the role of technology in developing them

Stephen Somerville, Training Journal Amidst all the talk of how artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are reshaping the workplace, it’s easy to overlook the humble ‘soft skill’. In way of definition, the English Cambridge dictionary says soft skills are: “people’s abilities to communicate with each other and work well together”. In practice this requires a multitude […]

LinkedIn Becomes A Serious Open Learning Experience Platform

Josh Bersin, CLO LinkedIn has become quite a juggernaut in the corporate learning market. Last time I checked the company had more than 17 million users, 14,000 corporate customers, more than 3,000 courses and was growing at high double-digit rates. And all this in only about two years. And the company just threw down the gauntlet; […]

This is what A.I. looks like, according to A.I.

Sarah Berger, CNBC When you think of artificial intelligence, maybe you picture Dolores from “Westworld” or something out of “Black Mirror.” But if you ask AI what AI looks like, it’s nothing like that — in fact, AI thinks it looks like a multi-colored helping hand for humans. Recently, IBM Research asked AI to draw a […]

The Coming Commoditization Of Voice-Enabled AI

Chetan Dube, Forbes Technology Council The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “The human voice is the organ of the soul.” It’s a phrase that succinctly captures both the complexity and the vital importance of voice as a means of communication, personalization and identity. We as humans are constantly trying to find our voice, especially in […]

How colleges are adapting to workforce development mandates

Natalie Schwartz, Inside Higher Ed The rise of emerging technologies is transforming America’s job market, with some projections estimating that automation could displace as many as 30% of To address the needs of a growing population that will require new skills in order to compete in the workforce, some colleges and universities are reevaluating how […]

Why women dominate the online learning space

JENNIFER LEWINGTON, Globe and Mail Experts say the flexibility of online learning is especially attractive to women juggling work, family and personal demands. “It is really about fitting the learning pattern to the lifestyle,” says David Porter, chief executive officer of eCampusOntario, a non-profit, government-funded agency that publishes a directory of 16,000 online courses and 700 […]

Living ‘in the middle of nowhere’ is no obstacle for online students

MATTHEW HALLIDAY, Globe and Mail He is among the growing number of Canadian students who are not only taking advantage of the flexibility of online education but also using it to dramatically open up their living options. No home location is too remote for online students as long as they’ve got an internet connection. “The typical […]

A New Reality for Online Education

Suzanne Standard, NCSU Picture this: You’re walking through an organic chemistry lab on NC State’s campus. You put on your safety goggles and follow the professor over to a whiteboard, checking out the equipment around you along the way.  A pretty standard student experience, right? It would be, except for the fact that you’re actually […]

Why Higher Ed’s Global Brands Are Starting Nondegree Online Programs

By Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed Are we at the leading edge of a trend that will see demand for master’s programs from regional institutions eroded by the emergence of nondegree/non-credit-bearing online programs from elite institutions? A drop in the demand for master’s degrees would have significant consequences for many colleges and universities. Over the last […]