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How to avoid degree ‘mills’ and online college scams

Jessica Presinzano, North Jersey Looking to enter an online degree program to help your career or gain a new skill set? Welcome. You are about to join 5.8 million other Americans who have enrolled in an online class. Online learning goes by many names, including a virtual classroom, MOOC (massive open online course), e-learning or online […]

Humboldt State offering online class for parents Course aims to help their student succeed

by Geneva Peppars, KRCR Humboldt State University is now offering a new online class to help family members get educated on how they can help their student succeed in college. The course is called Forever Humboldt Families 101 and the class launched in August, coinciding with the beginning of the Fall Semester. Parents were introduced to […]

How Big is the LMS Market?

By Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed I’m trying to figure out the size of the learning management system (LMS) market. The problem with numbers related to educational technology is that you just can’t trust them.  Do a Google search for the size of the LMS market and you get some really big numbers, and wide […]

7 tech innovations that are drastically changing the way people learn

by LUCAS MILLER, the Next Web When we discuss technology innovations, we usually focus on the ways that new tech is making our lives easier. While this is certainly a great perk of technology, it also causes us to overlook an even better benefit of the new innovations and developments we see on a daily […]

On-Demand Learning – in an On-Demand World

By Ben Henderson, eLearning Inside Within the e-Learning industry, we are familiar with buzz words and fancy expressions which aim to revitalize old ideas and learning concepts. Be it ‘flipping the classroom’ or ‘gamify learning’, these seemingly new notions crop up every so often, convincing L&D departments that this is the method which will finally […]

eLearning Helps Classes Stay on Track During Hurricane Season

By Cait Etherington, eLearning Inside Just as some schools located in northern regions of the nation have started to replace snow days with virtual school days, in the South, a growing number of public schools, colleges and universities are relying on eLearning to keep classes on schedule even during weather crises. This year, as the […]

Forecast for eLearning

by PiWorld One trend in eLearning involves the incorporation of video, and this practice will continue to grow. While informal online video-based learning has been taking place for as long as there have been online videos, the goal of formal eLearning approaches is to incorporate video-based content in structured training frameworks. Another trend in online learning […]

How to Fulfill the Promise of Online Education

by JANE S. SHAW, the Spectator Many colleges and universities have hired private companies to build and operate their online education programs. Firms such as Academic Programs, 2U, Coursera, the College Network, and Pearson work quietly behind the scenes to convert traditional courses to online formats, recruit students, follow up with students, and even supply […]

Online enrollment a key to UNA’s future

by Times-Daily The number of students taking at least one class at the University of North Alabama this fall will be lower for the first time in three years. The loss appears to be in the freshman class. With semester enrollment set to be frozen today, Ron Patterson, vice president over enrollment management, reported Wednesday the […]

US Dept of Ed approves sale of Kaplan to Purdue

by Autumn A. Arnett, Education Dive The U.S. Department of Education has approved the sale of Kaplan University to Purdue University — a controversial transaction which came with a $1 price tag and allows the Kaplan company to still maintain administrative control, while potentially reaping profits. The department also gave its blessing on the sale of […]