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Enhancing Student Experience and Success through Technology

by Monique Snowden, Evolllution Many institutions are embracing immersive technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to meet students’ learning needs and expectations, particularly those who are digital natives. AR and VR, respectively, bring digital content into students’ physical locations or transport students to virtual spaces where they can interact in digitally constructed [...]

Effective Teaching Online

By Sharon O’Malley, Inside Higher Ed Four authors of books about online course development offer guidelines for engaging learners in distance education courses. Inside Digital Learning asked for their expert advice on how instructors and their institutions can excel in virtual course instruction. The authors agreed that the online classroom is different enough from the traditional [...]

Why Do Republicans Suddenly Hate College So Much?

by DAVID A. GRAHAM, the Atlantic News flash: In the era of Trump, institutions—and especially those that are perceived as liberal—are unpopular, and opinions divide sharply along party lines, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center. Alright, maybe that isn’t surprising. But there is one startling result in the survey: a sharp decline [...]

Indian techies are taking these online courses to get reskilled amid layoffs

by Raghu Krishnan, Business Standard Infosys, India’s second largest software exporter this year, has set a bet for graduates who are given campus offers. A graduate is asked to pick a paid course on front-end development (of website or an app) on Udacity, the online technology education provider. The person must get a nano degree or [...]

How to Help Faculty Build Online Courses

By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology Before 2015, faculty at the University of Arizona who wanted to teach online didn’t have much in the way of formal support for building their online courses. There were no established processes or requirements. For some faculty, that was the end of the onboarding experience. “That’s all you got,” said Angela [...]

Universities Use Analytics, Authentication to Prevent Cheating in Online Courses

by Meghan Bogardus, Education Dive In college classrooms, detecting cheating can sometimes be as simple as catching a student looking at someone else’s exam. But for online educators, who may have students in various corners of the country, catching cheating on an exam, assignment or essay is a lot more difficult. Thanks to digital tools with [...]

Carnegie Mellon professor: Better tech enables higher-quality online courses

by Pat Donachie, Education Dive Carnegie Mellon University Professor Bob Monroe discussed in a recent interview with Education Dive how the largely-held perception that Massive Open Online Classes would replace the traditional college lecture was largely overblown. The result, of the introduction of MOOCs into the higher ed landscape has been subtler, with it becoming increasingly [...]

Microsoft wants all of rural America to get high-speed broadband

by JON BRODKIN – Ars Technica Microsoft wants to connect two million rural Americans to high-speed wireless broadband by 2022, and it will get started with 12 pilot projects over the next year. The company is also offering free access to its intellectual property to help the rest of rural America get connected. Microsoft isn’t planning [...]

University of Minnesota should go all in with online learning

By Jack Uldrich, Minneapolis Star-Tribune This would not be just about the school’s future but about the state’s. The alternative is a hollowing-out, faster than you might think. In short, a strong online presence could make accessing lifelong learning a real possibility for every Minnesotan. The plan is not without risk, but maintaining the status quo [...]

Are smartphones in class a problem or an opportunity?

By STEVE BUCKSTEIN, the World As one high school teacher put it in an Atlantic magazine article on this subject last year, “If educators do not find ways to leverage mobile technology in all learning environments, for all students, then we are failing our kids by not adequately preparing them to make the connection between their [...]