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  • Welcome to the open course series from UIS.

    eduMOOC: Online Learning Today...and Tomorrow, our first open online course led by Ray Schroeder, enrolled more than 2700 students and focused on the future of online learning during Summer 2011.

    Matthew Holden, Jr. and Gwen Jordan will facilitate our second open course, The Emancipation Proclamation: What Came Before, How It Worked, And What Followed, during Spring 2013. Get started here or click on "The Emancipation Proclamation: What Came Before, How It Worked, And What Followed" (under "My Courses") on the right to self-enroll.

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    University of Illinois Springfield is one of three campuses of the world-class University of Illinois. Over 5,000 students enroll each year atUIS wordmark UIS seeking a U of I degree in the friendly learning environment of a smaller university. UIS is a national leader in innovation and teaching in the online classroom.

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Moore’s Law Touches Education At Last — To Techies’ Delight

by George Anders, Huffington Post During an ed-tech panel discussion in San Francisco Tuesday evening, led by renowned venture capitalist John Doerr, the consensus was that Moore’s Law is finally making its presence felt in education, too. The showcase example of bolder/faster/cheaper involves companies that operate massive, open, online courses, or MOOCs. The fastest moving [...]

MOOCs: What’s a Great College Class Worth When It’s Free?

by Annalisa Kraft-Linder, Daily Finance For the last two months, I’ve been studying at Yale online with noted economist Robert Schiller. There were online office hours, graded quizzes, peer-reviewed papers, a final exam and notable guest speakers like billionaire investor Carl Icahn. If I wanted it, a verified certificate of study was $50. Online forums took [...]

2014: The year of e-learning?

by Cornerstone, Civil Service World Employees now use high quality technology – smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks or netbooks – in their everyday lives and also expect to be able to use them at work. Many HR departments have begun to embrace this shift, but many are still catching up – training, learning and development need to reflect [...]

Proactive on Prior Learning

by Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed Florida’s public institutions are anxiously watching this spring’s legislative session, which rounded the halfway point last week. Regardless of what dies on the floor or is signed into law, the universities are still waiting for clarification on the fallout of last year’s session, including the proposed mandate to offer credit [...]

Out in Front, and Optimistic, About Online Education

By D. D. GUTTENPLAN, NY Times Coursera’s new president, former Yale President Rick Levin, says “I think the principal investors in Coursera understand that this is a long term play. We’re fortunate to have patient investors; and as Andrew said, we’re quite adequately capitalized. I think we can become financially viable certainly within that five-year framework.” [...]

Stanford K-12 Online Learning Program’s Effectiveness Confirmed by New York U

By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology New York University has confirmed the effectiveness of a Stanford University-run online program designed to accelerate learning for students K-12 schools. This confirmation comes just as the program is being officially handed over to a for-profit company to offer expanded service. The project by the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity [...]

Desperately Seeking Linux Programmers

By Jack M. Germain, LinuxInsider Few people know just how pervasive Linux has become, and that is causing a big problem for companies that increasingly rely on it. “There is a shortage of software developers in the U.S. The employment rate for these jobs is down to 2.3 percent in the last quarter. The opportunity for [...]

Minority Students Should Weigh Pros, Cons of Online Education

By Devon Haynie, US News Trina Jordan, a 49-year-old single mom from Nashville, Tenn., was always aware of her race in college. As an African-American undergraduate at Tennessee State University, a historically black school, she felt like other students were judging her for her dark skin. But that all changed when she signed up for an [...]

Group considers future of online classes at KU

By Ben Unglesbee, Lincoln Journal World A group of Kansas University faculty, staff and students delving into the rise of online education recommends that the university keep watch over the quality of digital courses and online learning while making sure that faculty are fairly compensated for their time developing courses. Instructors and administrators have pushed for [...]

Don’t give up on online education

by Bill Lowry, Michael Wysession and Scott Krummenacher, WU Student Life Recently, the faculty of Arts & Sciences voted to terminate the Semester Online program for undergraduates. We are the three Washington University professors who actually taught courses in this program. We write not to restart the debate over this program but rather to continue the [...]