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Researchers examine the effectiveness of a psychological strategy on online learners

by Milenko Martinovich, While online education has opened access to learners worldwide, new Stanford research suggests that a single approach to teaching everyone in an online class may not yield the best outcome, especially when it comes to course completion. The key, the Stanford researchers say, is to recognize cultural differences among class participants, especially [...]

Online courses make up more than half of CPS’s revenue

By Liz Konneker, GW Hatchet The College of Professional Studies is earning more than half of its revenue from online courses – making the college a leader in online learning at GW.Fifty-four percent of the college’s revenue comes from students enrolled in online programs or courses and 60 percent of its students took at least one [...]

College has new twist to online learning

by News Channel 13 “We are providing to the learner the ability to affordably, flexibly and in a personalized way get the education that they want,” explained Nurit Sonnenschein, the Center for Educational Measurement general manager at Excelsior College, It’s called a CourXam. Excelsior College teamed up with Cengage Learning to create college credit worthy exams [...]

Simulated classroom learning

By Robert Klimper, Coyote Chronicle Online courses sometimes are exactly what a busy college student needs, allowing for a more flexible schedule. Though online courses offer a more flexible schedule, it is not unheard of for students to feel a somewhat of a disconnect to the instructor of the courses as they can just be a [...]

eMarketer Unveils New Estimates for Mobile App Usage

by eMarketer Daily App time will make up nearly 20% of total media time this year. Americans are spending more time within mobile apps and less time within mobile browsers. However, the number of apps being used regularly is dropping, as users concentrate their activities in core apps. In 2017, the average US adult will spend [...]

What MasterClass Online Courses Pay to Lure Hollywood Stars as Teachers

by Nataley Jarvey, Hollywood Reporter A hundred grand is entry-level pay for masters including Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Sorkin, Steve Martin and Kevin Spacey dabbling as online instructors: “I would love a class from Elon Musk,” says MasterClass CEO David Rogier. When San Francisco-based MasterClass got underway in 2014, it had a hard time finding big names [...]

The Democratization of Machine Learning: What It Means for Tech Innovation

by Kartik Hosanagar and Apoorv Saxena, Wharton Now we are on the cusp of a new grand leap thanks to the democratization of machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. As recently as 2015, only large companies like Google, Amazon and Apple had access to the [...]

China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom

by SARAH ZHANG, the Atlantic The country’s universities and tech giants are starting to surpass American ones when it comes to researching and implementing AI. China’s rapid rise up the ranks of AI research has people taking notice. In October, the Obama White House released a “strategic plan” for AI research, which noted that the U.S. [...]

6 improvement trends spreading like fire across all colleges and universities

BY MERIS STANSBURY, eCampus News Academic program creation and evaluation is top-of-mind with institutions. This year colleges and universities are looking to diversify their program portfolios, either through offering online or blended learning offerings, through offering micro-credentials, or by placing their bets on emerging programs. What’s also noteworthy this year is that Hanover has gone a [...]

Training Program Automation & Online Courses Nine Step Cheat Sheet Launched

by Military Technologies A new nine step cheat sheet has been launched by Training Automation Secrets. The cheat sheet is aimed at trainer, coaches and consultants who wish to learn how to automate their training programs. Training Automation Secrets are offering an exclusive, free cheat sheet filled with the nine most valuable secrets to training business [...]