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At MIT, It’s Out With The Old Case Studies, In With Immersive Ones #elearning

by Fred Thys, WBUR The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s leading role in online education for all is changing how its own faculty approach more traditional education. For example, at the MIT Center for Real Estate, professors are rethinking the case study approach common in management training.  The change stems from an effort to introduce case studies […]

The most popular online courses in the world #elearning

by Jamie McKane, My Broadband Online learning portal Coursera has released its list of the most popular online courses on its platform. Coursera boasts over 30 million registered learners and over 2,000 online courses from institutions around the world. Upon completing courses online, students are awarded with a signed and shareable electronic course certificate. Specialisation certificates and university-recognised […]

Online course enrollments continue to grow #elearning

By Jeremy House, Education Dive According to new federal data, the number of college students taking online classes continues to grow, reports Inside Higher Ed. In academic year 2016, 6.34 million students were enrolled in at least one online course, compared with 5.99 million students in 2015.  Even as overall enrollment at postsecondary institutions is flat […]

Are Prospective Students About to Disappear?

By Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed New book says most colleges — and the vast majority of nonelite institutions — are about to face severe shortage of potential students.  Yes, everyone in admissions knows that certain groups of students — those who graduate from good high schools and have parents able to pay a significant share […]

Small College Struggles in the Sights

by Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed Heightened concern about liberal arts institutions is reflected in presidents’ outlooks and an institute program. Numerous presidents at the institute agreed that they see an increased urgency among their peers interested in exploring significant changes in order to stabilize their colleges’ standing or seek long-term viability. In a few […]

Survey: Students sing praises for digital learning tech #elearning

BY LAURA ASCIONE, eCampus News. Students said they vastly prefer classes with digital learning technologies.   Ninety-four percent of students in a new survey said digital learning technologies have helped them retain new concepts, and 53 percent said they prefer classes that use such tools. McGraw-Hill Education’s fourth annual Digital Study Trends Survey, compiled by Hanover Research, […]

10 Things Children Born in 2018 Will Probably Never Experience

by Kristin Houser and Patrick Caughill, Futurism Children born in 2018 will probably never know the feeling of being tethered to a landline. A trip to the local megaplex to catch Blade Runner 2049 may have stirred up adults’ memories of seeing the original, but children born this year may never know what it’s like […]

3 big ways today’s college students are different from just a decade ago

by  BY MERIS STANSBURY, eCampus News Gen Z, the digital generation, non-traditional students, and potentially many more descriptions have been used to label the current postsecondary body of students, but what may not be so evident is exactly how much their preferences, lifestyles and experiences have radically changed from even a decade ago.  And it’s […]

Apple Waives Developer Fees for Schools, Nonprofits

By Joshua Bolkan, THE Journal Apple is now waiving the fees for its developer program for accredited educational institutions and other qualifying organizations. Members of the developer program are able to distribute apps through the Apple App Store and gain access to tools such as app analytics, beta testing resources such as TestFlight, beta software and […]

As Universities Go Online, Architects Rework Buildings For ‘Active’ Learning #elearning

by Adam Gordon, Forbes Many leaders in industries going through digital transformation experience a certain spine-tickling moment when “futures flip-over” happens. That moment is when you get-it that the previously marginal online offering has become the default and the traditional solution has become the exotic. It has happened in music, in newspapers, etc., and this is […]