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Digital Badges and Academic Transformation

by Veronica Diaz, EDUCAUSE Review It seems that digital badges are everywhere these days: in fitness apps, on social networking websites, and in company loyalty programs. In higher education, they’re taking the form of microcredentials, representing successful completion of a variety of learning experiences inside and outside of the traditional for-credit course. Institutions continue to experiment [...]

The how’s, why’s and what-to-do’s of cloud security in higher education.

BY MERIS STANSBURY, eCampus News According to a number of cybersecurity experts, no platform or industry is immune from data breaches, especially as targeted “hacktivism” is on the rise, says John Wethington, cybersecurity executive at Ground Labs. But if the cloud is “only as safe as the administrative credentials of a single person,” how can colleges [...]

Why it makes sense to study online

by the Sociable In recent years, online learning has gone from strength to strength, with more and more students opting to take their degree courses online rather than attending physical classes. Online learning is becoming more accepted and “normal” in today’s digital world, as opposed to when it was first introduced, which saw a lot of [...]

10 Awesome Online Courses for Only $15

by Entrepreneur What if we told you there was an awesome opportunity to invest in yourself, improve your knowledge, and take your skills to the next level … for only $15? We thought that might get your attention. Udemy offers thousands of online courses that movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs like you can enroll in to better [...]

Higher ed leaders say industry is in trouble

By Jarrett Carter, Education Dive Inside Higher Ed reports on a survey of more than 200 college and university executives that will reveal a negative perception of higher education’s commitment to student outcomes, but largely positive perception of the work being done on their individual campuses. More than 60% of survey respondents indicated that their [...]

Pokemon Go craze hits classroom

By Colleen Williamson, Parson Sun Since its release in July, Pokemon Go has grown in popularity and criticism as the augmented reality game using global positioning systems and mobile devices has taken players outside their homes in their quests to capture and train virtual, fantasy creatures called Pokemon. The popularity of the game with youths is [...]

Coding from college to high school

by JANEE WILSON, Mat-Su Valley It’s not often that a high school elective class can make students immediately employable. Jenny Barnes, John Notestine along with Colony High Teacher Brian Mead are bringing a surplus of job opportunities to students. It’s called CS50, and the plan is to have it be the most popular class in school. [...]

The Internet of Things, Machine Learning and In-Transit Visibility Revolutionizing Supply Chain

BY SCOTT DULMAN, SDC Executive There are new technologies and solutions—related to the Internet of Things (IoT)—that are creating opportunities for retailers to improve omnichannel operations, better manage inventories, reduce logistics costs, and retain and acquire customers. But the IoT—along with Big Data—offers a solution to unlock end-to-end supply chain visibility, giving retailers the ability [...]

Staying the course on a massive open online course

by Science Daily Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are popular with educational establishments as an efficient way to deliver their materials. Unfortunately, student engagement does not match the enthusiasm of the educators and the number who complete any given course is disturbingly low, according to research. The authors of the paper, suggest that an engagement model [...]

Open Educational Resources Adopted Slowly, Report Shows

by Education News A recently-released report from Cengage Learning has examined open educational resources (OER) within higher education, including who makes use of the resources and why, as well as what the future holds for OER. The report, “Open Educational Resources (OER) and the Evolving Higher Education Landscape,” interviewed over 500 OER primary adopters, supplemental adopters, [...]