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Not Your Grandfather’s Corporate Training: 5 Trends Changing Workforce Learning

by Mary Frenson, edSurge The shift away from lecture-based, theory-heavy learning models has been on the rise for some time. However, it is now taking off in a new way: Adult learners want to see how the theory is applied in experience so that they can apply it easily in their everyday life. Case studies and [...]

Department of Ed greenlights workforce development experiment

By Jarrett Carter, Education Dive The U.S. Department of Education has announced a pilot program in which eight colleges and eight for-profit companies will collaborate on workforce development for low-income students. The pilot relaxes federal standards, which do not allow institutions to receive aid for courses where more than 50% of curriculum is taught by an [...]

Online Education: A New Approach To Teaching And Learning

by Emily Marks, University Herald Online education is fast gaining popularity for the convenience and flexibility that it provides students. Coursera offers short video lectures, interactive quizzes and peer graded assignments, among others, which is perfect for working adults. Coursera has about 170,000 students around the world that have signed up for it. While online education [...]

Colleges partner with training boot camps and online course providers for federal experiment

By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post Eight colleges will team up with companies that run computer coding boot camps or online courses for an experiment that lets students pay for nontraditional training programs with federal grants and loans, the Education Department said Tuesday. Short-term courses, such as coding boot camps, have become a popular model for acquiring [...]

How EdTech And Artificial Intelligence Help Transform Higher Education And Online Learning

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald In an era where modern technology has become a valuable influence in the lives of humans, it’s safe to assume that technology will be able to enhance the learning experience of educators and students, especially in higher education and online learning. As experts combined education technology (EdTech) and artificial intelligence (AI), [...]

Online learning: 3 components of a great user experience

By Tess Taylor, HR Dive The way in which learners encounter course content within a learning management system is just as important as what’s being presented. This is referred to as the user experience or UX. There are 3 major components of UX that need to be in place to ensure learners are getting the most [...]

The Internet of Things for Educators and Learners

by Dina Kurzweil and Sean Baker, Educause Review Given the phenomenal growth of connected devices in the Internet of Things, the issue of how higher education supports educators with the IoT in learning environments becomes a key consideration in teaching and learning. An educational environment explicitly focused on supporting learning with the IoT could be extremely [...]

Connected Campus Experiences in the Age of IoT

by Seth Atkinson and Rob Curtin, Educause Review The Internet of Things enables multiple benefits in higher education, from cost savings in building and energy management to new career opportunities for students. Integrated data and automation provide a safe, personalized, and always connected student experience. Cloud-enabled machine-learning models applied to student engagement and performance data can [...]

Sobering: Gen Z on track to cause major IT, STEM crisis

BY MERIS STANSBURY, eCampus News Gen Z’s dependence on tech and tech support not mirrored in their career choices; IT dearth a massive problem on the horizon. According to recent data, Gen Z demands that devices and software—and the support required to use them—be woven into their daily lives; yet, most of this digital native generation [...]

New report lists the rising expectations for quality online education leadership

by Merris Stansbury, eCampus News As online learning evolves from amateur experimentation to a mainstream professional entity on campus, new standards for quality online learning leadership are emerging in order to not only sustain these distance programs, but ensure they meet the growing demands of 21st-century academe. The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) has released [...]