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What Can Happen If I Don’t Follow State Authorization Regulations?

by WCET Frontiers A public university in the Midwest recently discovered what can happen in a relatively straightforward situation in which the institution failed to get authorization. Institution X enrolled an online student in a state in which state authorization is required, but did not get that authorization. When the institution contacted the appropriate agency [...]

Why Are You Teaching That?

by Richard M. Felder, Tomorrow’s Professor How about the courses you teach? If you went to some of your alumni and asked them what in their college education turned out to be really useful after graduation, what do you suppose they’d tell you? I did that a few years ago. I surveyed 72 chemical engineering alumni [...]

Mooc Makers Disrupt Business Education With Careers Focus

by Seb Murray, Business Because The business school as we know it is ripe for innovation by new technologies. For the liquid Mooc developers disrupting the market, employment is increasingly the priority. In an office complex in California’s Mountain View on the fringes of Silicon Valley is Coursera — a $300 million+ start-up trying to bring [...]

20 Facts About the Impact of E-Learning [#Infographic]

by Frank Smith, EdTech Magazine The online-learning market is on track to reach $37.8B globally by 2020. With the cheaper rates at which mobile broadband data is available, 74 percent of eLearners will be mobile learners,” according to a March 2 blog post from TalentLMS. Online learning is also changing the culture of learning itself. [...]

The End of College?

By Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed The End of College takes the long view in diagnosing a higher education business model that Carey says is desperately flawed. He goes back centuries to describe how colleges developed scattered and disjointed missions. Carey also looks forward, to how information technology could help birth a more affordable and meritocratic [...]

Gamification Harnesses the Power of Games to Motivate

By Kevin Werbach, Epoch Times Walk through any public area and you’ll see people glued to their phones, playing mobile games like Game of War and Candy Crush Saga. They aren’t alone. 59 percent of Americans play video games, and contrary to stereotypes, 48 percent of gamers are women. The US$100 billion video game industry is [...]

Instructor Time Requirements to Develop and Teach Online Courses

by Lee A. Freeman, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration Developing online courses is more time consuming than developing face-to-face courses, but the development of each subsequent online course is not as time consuming as the previous online course development. In addition, teaching online is more time consuming than teaching face-to-face, but this is only [...]

Balancing Online Teaching Activities: Strategies for Optimizing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Deana M. Raffo, Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Justin G. Gardner, Lawanna S. Fisher; OJDLA Increased demands in professional expectations have required online faculty to learn how to balance multiple roles in an open-ended, changing, and relatively unstructured job. In this paper, we argue that being strategic about one’s balance of the various facets of online teaching will [...]

Competency-Based Education: A Framework for Measuring Quality Courses

by Jackie Krause, Laura Portolese Dias, Chris Schedler; OJDLA The growth of competency-based education in an online environment requires the development and measurement of quality competency-based courses. While quality measures for online courses have been developed and standardized, they do not directly align with emerging best practices and principles in the design of quality competency-based online [...]

Online college wins over students in Missouri

by Koran Addo, St. Louis Today Two years ago, it might have seemed strange when Gov. Jay Nixon starting pushing for Missouri to create its own branch of Western Governors University. After all, WGU is a bit of an oddity. It’s a nonprofit online university that doesn’t use teachers. Students work at their own pace and [...]