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Signs of a Ceiling in Online Ed Market?

By Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed A new survey of online education administrators at 104 colleges and universities released today shows — as other studies have suggested — that public and private four-year institutions saw healthy enrollment growth in their fully online programs in spring 2016 compared to the year before, and that they are showing [...]

Udacity re-launches its Intro to Programming Nanodegree

by DQ India Udacity has announced the relaunch of its Intro to Programming Nanodegree. The programme designed to provide effective and engaging content to students and professionals, aims at introducing them with basic foundation in programming. The course will give a fundamental understanding thereby helping students land the most in demand jobs in today’s time. The [...]

What does voice search mean for your local SEO strategy?

by Chris Camps, ClickZ Voice search is a growing trend that has been pinging the radars of savvy search marketers for the last few years. In 2016, conversational AI company MindMeld surveyed smartphone users in the US, finding that 60% of users who used voice search had started using it in the last past year – [...]

University discovers how to bring expensive on-campus resources to online students

BY GREG SMITH, eCampus News UMUC is the largest online public university in the United States, celebrating our 70th year of serving adult students in Maryland and around the world. How do we provide near-ubiquitous access when students are geographically dispersed, use different types of computer platforms, and don’t have access to campus computer labs? Desktop-as-a-Service [...]

Study: Online Course Enrollment Rising Rapidly at Private Nonprofits

by Jordan Friedman, US News Even as fewer students overall pursue a higher education, online courses are rising in popularity – including at private nonprofits, which historically were slower to embrace them. More than 6 million students – a large majority of whom were undergraduates – enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2015, [...]

College Connection: Many options for intellectually curious students

by Susan Alaimo, My Central NJ High school students in New Jersey can sit at home on their computers and take courses such as Medical Neuroscience from Duke University, Introduction to Computer Science & Programming from M.I.T., Understanding Research Methods from the University of London, or ParticlePhysics from the University of Geneva. These are just a [...]

How to Prepare for an Automated Future

by Claire Cain Miller, the Upshot How do we educate people for an automated world? People still need to learn skills, the respondents said, but they will do that continuously over their careers. In school, the most important thing they can learn is how to learn. At universities, “people learn how to approach new things, ask [...]

Online classes, modern textbooks helping revitalize Cherokee language

by Recent research focusing on Native American languages and how they are taught is helping revitalize the Cherokee language, in part, through online courses and modern textbooks developed by the Cherokee Nation. Using these updated methods, the Cherokee Nation’s Cherokee Language Program continues to have a far-reaching impact, with up to 3,000 students taking online [...]

Digital Thinking and the Analog Campus

By Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed How is digital thinking changing the analog campus? The first thing to get straight is that digital thinking is not the same as educational technology or online learning. Digital thinking is not delivery method or a set of technologies. Rather, digital thinking is a way of understanding the world. 3 [...]

Major shift in online learning sees pedagogy in driver’s seat

BY SCOTT MOORE, eCampus News Unbundled online program model focuses on pedagogy as the driver for technology decisions rather than the other way around. There is a significant shift occurring in online learning—one that puts students and pedagogy into the driver’s seat, and colleges and universities seeking new ways to increase enrollment and revenue. One barrier [...]